Seahorse Counselling and Consulting provides a range of services and programs to meet your needs

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Individual, Couples or Family Counselling

We understand the strength it takes to come to counselling.  For many, it is a turning point.  Counselling can help claritfy issues, provide new insights, and offer support needed to make beneficial changes.  Sometimes past trauma or abuse can cause individuals to react with a fight /flight/freeze response which can have a profound affect on their relationships. We use proven therapeutic approaches such as EMDR, art therapy, Internal Family Systems, Somatic Attachment Therapy, or sand tray therapy, to help individual process and recover from traumatic experiences.   We focus on your goals and draw on a variety of sound therapeutic practices to ensure that the approach taken aligns with your values and comfort level.  As clinical counsellors, we are concerned with the cause of a person's problem, rather than the symptoms.  Addressing the root cause can  bring about a positive shift in perspective, desired behavioural changes, and improved relationships with others and yourself.  

Group Counselling

Each fall and winter we offer 8-week group counselling sessions focused on building supports, gaining understanding, and developing new skills to help those experiencing relationship challenges or life transitions.  We also offer online support groups.  For more information, please contact us.

Infant and Child Mental Health

Infants and young children are often sensitive to change and stress and this can affect the child's eating, sleeping and social behaviour.  Some children are more sensitive than others and may need extra help to feel secure.  There are so many factors that can affect a child's emotional and social development, and often parents struggle not knowing why their child behaves the way they do or why their relationship with their child is so challenging.  Parents sometimes hope that their child will outgrow their problem behaviours or they may try different strategies hoping something will work.  Addressing these challenges early and in ways that effectively meet the child's individual needs, can save the parent and child years of struggle and heartache. 


Kate Pinsonneault is a holistic Child and Infant Mental Health specialist with 40 years of experience working with children  and infants.   Kate works closely with parents to help them better understand their child's sensitivities, emotional needs, and what their child is communication through their behaviours.  Often, a few small changes can make a big difference. If you are wondering if your child can benefit from counselling, please ​contact Kate and arrange for a free consultation.

Counselling Services to Individuals with Special Needs, or Families with a Child with Special Needs

When a family receives the news that their child has a diagnosis, parents may need to grieve for the child they were expecting, while they begin to understand and adapt to the special needs of the child that has come into their lives. Parents benefit from counselling support as they adjust to additional responsibilities, as well as fears and worries that are part of caring for a child with special needs.   Siblings may also struggle with a variety of emotions ranging from resentment to feeling overly protective.  We offer individual and family therapy to help meet the needs of your family members.  Foster and adoptive families who care for children with special needs often find that they benefit from support of a professional counsellor. 

School-aged children, teens and young adults with special needs can face social and emotional challenges that can be confusing or even hurtful.  We provide counselling services that can help individuals assess social situations, regulate their emotions, and build social skills.  Counselling can also help improve self-acceptance, promote meaningful relationships with their peers, and an increase their sense of purpose within their community.  

Crime Victim Assistance Program

We work with CVAP to provide counselling services for people who have been a victim of crime and their families.  We help individuals dealing with trauma.


We offer workshops that are personally meaningful, enjoyable and practical.  Each workshop is adapted to meet the specific needs of the participants.  Some recent workshops include:  

  • Early Trauma and Brain Development, 

  • Breaking Free of the Drama Triangle, 

  • Understanding Addictions,
  • Positive Approaches to Negative Behaviours,
  • Attachment Parenting
  • Living with stress 

  • Couples in challenging relationships

  • Your Protective System: Why it can't relax
  • That Child is SO Frustrating:-  Building Cooperation and Respect through Attachment
  • Secondary Attachment: Changing Lives

Our hope is that participants will not only acquire new knowledge and skills, but also gain the motivation and confidence to apply what they have learned. 

​We also offer on-line support groups: one for parents and one for people wanting to improve their relationships.  For more information, please contact Kate.