Seahorse Counselling and Consulting follows the fee schedule set by the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors. 

Some of our counsellors are contracted with government programs, EFAP benefit companies and other organizations.   Please inquire to see if your fees may be covered. 



Free 30 minute consultations are available for new clients.  Just call or e-mail to make an appointment or go to "Book an Appointment" and choose your preferred time.  

Paid consultations are also available for those who wish to discuss particular issue or problem rather than receive therapy. The fee is $120 + GST per hour. 


Individual counselling sessions are usually 60 minutes and cost $120.  Couple or Family sessions are 90 minutes and cost $180.  Family sessions can be any combination of family members such as siblings, spouses, or a parent and child.  Anyone can book a longer session if they would like more time.  

Special Rates

If you pay in advance for 5 for individual counselling sessions, you receive a special rate of $500 + GST, saving you $100.00.  Just choose the "prepaid " option when you book your first appointment.  

We also offer a limited number of people a reduced rate of $80.00/ individual session if they are experiencing financial difficulties.

We also offer a special discount rate for people who see our master level practicum students for counselling. The suggested fee is $60/hour.  You'll receive the benefit of having  a competent student counsellor and also a skilled therapist offering guidance and resources every step of the way. 

Consultation to Businesses or Organizations

For organizations and businesses faced with challenging staff relationships, we can help!  Consultation with management and staff is $100 per hour.  We can help resolve personnel issues ,increase staff moral and productivity and improve staff retention.  We will work with Management and staff to clarify roles and responsibilities and resolve issues that may be interfering with business operations. 


We offer a variety of workshops for parents, care providers, counsellors, early interventionists, and teachers.  Topics range from attachment, improving relationships, trauma, and  overcoming  children's challenging behaviours.  All workshops are adapted to meet the specific organization's goals and the needs of the participants.  Fees are $1,000 for a 6 hour day and $500 for presentations up to 3 hours long.  Cost of travel and accommodations will be added for workshops outside the Comox Valley.  Discounted rates are available for nonprofit societies.


We have an automated payment program for your convenience which automatically charges your credit card and sends a receipt to your email.  If you choose to opt out of this payment option, we also accept cash, cheques, credit cards, Pay Pal and e-mail transfers.   Payment is due at the conclusion of each counselling session. 

If you have a benefit package, some insurance companies and government programs can be billed directly and some will reimburse you when you submit your receipts or complete their online claim.  If you are unclear, please ask your insurance company or discuss payment with your counsellor.  

Registration fees for group counselling or workshops are due when you register.  Consultation and contract fees are billed at the end of each month.